Course Offer - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (90 min) - 6 for 4

Course Offer - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (90 min) - 6 for 4

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  • Expires in 730 days.
  • Limtied time only: Get 6 Treatments for the Price of 4 when you purchase a course of treatments!
  • Full payment will be taken at time of purchase. Any booking can be amended or cancelled at anytime up to 24 hrs before your treatment.

If Purchasing as a gift – please add First Name, Surname, Email Address and Phone Number of your recipient where possible. We recommend doing this in the order notes.

Once purchased, your course will be added to your account and you can book this online.


Limited-time course offer! Get 6 treatments for the price of 4 (usually 6 for 5). That's 2 free treatments.

Consider a course of HBOT sessions for the opportunity to get the best results out of this treatment.

Prior to your treatment, your therapist will walk you through your Oxygen Therapy experience and some of the incredible health and wellness benefits.    

Once comfortably seated inside the pressurised hyperbaric oxygen chamber, place the mask over your face, sit back, relax, and…breathe. It’s as simple as that.  

We suggest you take a book or a Kindle with you to enjoy while in the chamber; maybe listen to your favourite podcast or try one of our new guided meditations available to download.

Benefits of a 90-minute Oxygen Therapy Session include all of a 60-minute session and more:

  1. Maximised Oxygenation

  2. Holistic Wellness with a Longer Experience

  3. Deeply Nourish and Revitalise the Skin

  4. Optimised Oxygen Delivery to the Brain, enhancing its functionality

When buying a course:

Please read the essential information then click on "Add to Basket" and complete the purchase. Then call or email Customer Services on 0330 232 1888 to book your treatments.

This therapy is available at all locations except Edinburgh Airport, Peebles, Moness, Glasgow Hilton, Hamilton, Canary Wharf and Birmingham. We will be bringing HBOT to all locations soon.