PURE is embarking on a sustainability mission

Here are the initiatives we have put into practice at PURE, and why you should care.

We've changed to 100% Compostable Towels

We're partnering with Scrummi to provide 100% compostable towels in all of our spas. These towels biodegrade in 8-12 weeks – comparable to an orange peel!

Here is why that matters:

☑ It reduces our energy and water wastage

☑ An average day spa with 5 treatment rooms reduces our annual environment impact by saving approx:

160,000 litres of water - 18,000 kwh of electricity - 950kg of CO2 emissions - 520 litres of detergent - 780 hours of staff time

☑ It improves hygiene levels

☑ Is hypoallergenic

☑ Is plastic free and vegan friendly

☑ And is ethically manufactured in modern factories in Europe using low carbon techniques

We're turning off our electricity

Across all of our locations we're making an effort to use up less electricity. We're doing this by:

☑ Ensuring that the heating is off when we're not using treatment rooms.

☑Turning off lights when no one is in the room

We're looking for greener alternatives with our suppliers

☑ We're taking stock of every product we order, and are finding greener alternatives.

Our journey is an on-going, adapting process. We look forward to learning new ways to make PURE more eco-friendly.