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    Also known as a body ‘cocoon’, a body wrap is a spa treatment that is used for many health and wellness reasons. These range from enhancing the look and feel of the skin to reducing weight. Most body wraps use nourishing oils and exfoliating agents that remove the dead skin cells and toxins from the body.

    Shrinking Violet is a painless and effortless body wrap treatment used to remove fat from problem areas such as thighs and abdomen. A course of Shrinking Violet can help kick start your diet or remove those unwanted lumps and bumps. 

    6 products
    Shrinking Violet Body Wrap - 60 min Treatment - Pure Spa & Beauty
    Shrinking Violet Body Wrap - 60 min Treatment
    Shrinking Violet
    PURE Spa Pregnancy Wrap - 60 min Treatment
    PURE Spa Pregnancy Wrap - 90 min Treatment
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