Revolutionise your wellness routine with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) at a PURE near you.

Boost immunity, slow premature ageing & supercharge your athletic performance.

HBOT involves entering a specially designed chamber and breathing 100% pure oxygen. This cutting-edge therapy is gaining traction for its ability to promote healing, boost energy levels, and improve overall wellbeing. The more sessions you have, the more benefits you will see and feel.

Be among the first to experience this revolutionary treatment.

The Power of Oxygen Therapy

Improve skin health, reduce acne scars and boost overall radiance.

Enhance vitality, support immune function and slow the aging process.

Increase recovery time, reduce inflammation and optimise athletic performance.



Head to your local PURE for a 30, 60 or 90 minute oxygen therapy session.


Add-on hyperbaric oxygen therapy to your favourite PURE treatment.


Ready to invest in your wellness? Purchase a course of hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions to make treatment a part of your well-being routine.

At-home Chambers

We've partnered with o2 WORX who will deliver and install a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber to your home. They will show you how to use the chamber so you can take part in oxygen therapy as often as you like.

Wellness Membership

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is joining our wellness membership. You can redeem your monthly membership service against a oxygen therapy session.

From our customers

I absolutely loved the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, I had no energy, sore muscles/limbs and generally felt like ill. Combining HBOT with the infrared sauna I started to feel more energetic, my skin looked better, even although I was only sleeping for around 4/5 hours per night, I felt rested. My hair and nails started to grow without splitting and the most important thing my muscles/joints stopped aching.

I would highly recommend HBOT.


Learn more

To learn more about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, refer to the resources from O2worx, our HBOT partner.



Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a treatment in which a person breathes 90-95% oxygen while inside a chamber that is pressurised to a level higher than normal atmospheric pressure. This increases the amount of oxygen in the person's blood, which can help with injury to illness, to ageing.

HBOT is typically administered in a hyperbaric chamber. The person will breathe 90-95% oxygen through a mask or hood while inside the chamber, which is gradually pressurised to the desired level. The treatment sessions typically last for one hour.

The most common side effects of HBOT include ear and sinus pain, and temporary changes in vision such as nearsightedness or mild haziness. These side effects are typically mild and can be treated with ear drops or other medications.

HBOT may not be suitable for everyone, and certain medical conditions or medications may contraindicate the use of HBOT. It is important to discuss your medical history and any current medications with your healthcare provider before starting HBOT.

HBOT is generally safe, and serious complications are rare. The most common complication after HBOT is trauma to the middle ear and sinus pain.

It depends on the condition. With repeated treatments, the temporary extra high oxygen levels encourage normal tissue oxygen levels, even after the therapy is completed.

Oxygen therapy is very safe, but in general you should not receive this treatment if you

  • Have had a recent ear surgery or injury
  • Have a pacemaker
  • Are pregnant
  • Have a collapsed lung, or certain lung conditions/diseases.
  • Take certain chemotherapy drugs
  • Take the drug disulfiram (Antabuse)
  • Use the topical cream sulfamylon
  • Have heart failure; oxygen therapy can make symptoms worse
  • Have a cold or a fever, this could increase the chances of ear pain.
  • Are claustrophobic
  • Have a history of epilepsy
  • Have a history of panic attacks/anxiety
  • Have a history of inner ear problems/sinus problems
  • Take blood thinning medication such as Warfarin