PURE Deluxe Facial - 40 min Treatment

PURE Deluxe Facial - 40 min Treatment
PURE Deluxe Facial - 40 min Treatment
PURE Deluxe Facial - 40 min Treatment

PURE Deluxe Facial - 40 min Treatment

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This deluxe facial is a luxurious and personalised skincare treatment designed to deliver transformative results and be an unforgettable experience. We use our high-performance PURE Spa Skincare products and customise the facial to suit your skin's needs and concerns.

What's included?

We begin with a consultation to determine what your skin needs. Your therapist will take into account factors such as your skin type, concerns (such as dryness, dullness, or blemishes), and any specific preferences or sensitivities you may have. We also perform a skin vision using a magnifying lamp which gives your therapist a clearer view of your skin. From here your facial is designed to suit these needs. No two facials are the same, since your skin's needs are unique to you.

The treatment starts with a deep facial cleanse to remove impurities and prepare the skin for further treatment. Next, you will experience a 10-minute neck, shoulder & face massage where we use specialised techniques to enhance circulation, relieve muscle tension, and promote relaxation, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and pampered.

Your therapist will then perform skin exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover.

The treatment ends with a custom blended mask. Enjoy a scalp massage while you soak the goodness from your mask. We finish your treatment by applying our nourishing eye and face oils. We recommend you leave these products on your skin for the rest of the day.

Here are some examples of what your tailor-made facial could do for your skin:

FACELIFT For firm & plumper skin...

Receive a noticeable facelift with this relaxing lymphatic drainage massage combined with our natural serums to refresh your face. Finish with a plumping eye mask to leave you feeling renewed.

DEEP CLEAN For oily or congested skin

Treat your skin concerns with this powerful exfoliating facial that extracts and steams your pores for a deeper clean.


ANTI-AGEING For a youthful glow...

Experience a results-driven anti-ageing facial that combines raw fruits or vegetables into a fresh tailor-made Jelly Mask. Our formula includes collagen for firmer, tighter &  younger-looking skin. Our masks are fed with different nutrients and are as unique as your skin!

BRIGHTEN For brighter glowing skin...

Let your skin glow with our active brightening facial. We use a brightening concentrate to revive dull-looking skin and leave you feeling radiant.



If you like the sound of this facial but want something which lasts longer, we recommend our 60-minute Spa Facial.

PURE Facials can:

  • Deeply cleanse the skin
  • Help renew skin cells by increasing circulation
  • Encourage lymphatic drainage which will help reduce puffiness
  • Reduce stress

Available in all locations except for Peebles, St Anne's, Moness, Hilton Glasgow, Birmingham, Brighton, Shepherd's Bush & Canary Wharf. However, you can get our spa facials at these locations.

  • We recommend a facial once a month
  • Avoid wearing make-up until the next day
  • Allow your skin to absorb the products for the rest of the day
  • Use skincare at home to get the best results from your treatment
  • Increase your water intake
  • Relax as much as you can for the rest of the day
  • Avoid toxins; caffeine, alcohol or fizzy drinks

This treatment is available to all clients and is designed to be tailored to individual needs and requirements, meaning that it is fully accessible to everyone, no matter your gender.

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PURE Hydrate & Renew Face Oil (30ml)
PURE Skincare
PURE Organic Coconut Oil (250g)
PURE Skincare
PURE Regenerate & Boost Eye Serum (15ml)
PURE Skincare
PURE Refresh & Revive Face Spritz (100ml)
PURE Skincare
PURE Clean and Glow Cleansing Oil (100ml)
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