The PURE Massage Membership


PURE Spa & Beauty would like to introduce our new membership club. Launching January 2023.

Made with our regulars in mind, our PURE Massage Membership is created for you to get so much more from your regular massages.

From free monthly massages to exclusive discounts, this membership has it all.

What's Included?

PURE Signature Massage

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The finer details...

All rewards are accessed through your customer profile and available instore. Memberships will renew every 3 months, with the flexibility to stop at anytime.

Let's talk about how to use your membership...

1. Start by purchasing your membership! This costs £148 for 3 months, and will auto renew until you wish to stop. (But with free massages? Who will wish to stay that...)

2. You will be asked to log in or create a customer profile when paying for your membership. This will help you access your benefits easily in the future!

4. To book in your monthly reward, navigate to the category tab called “Member Services” and select the treatment “Member Service – PURE Massage”.

*please note, if you select any other treatment, the reward will not be recognised to use.

5. You're now able to take advantage of further discounts on other services. Time to enjoy your rewards!

6. The PURE Massage is rewarded monthly and you will be able to access one a month— but take advantage of all other amazing benefits at anytime whilst having an active membership!

If you have any questions about your membership, please contact customer services at or 0330 232 1888

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