The Best At Home Spa Routine

by Majelle Legros

Your at home spa routine is a ritual made entirely for your own personal wellness. It involves taking every one of your favourite elements of the spa and bringing it home with you. Whether it’s the relaxing spa atmosphere, your favourite products, or the treatments themselves, we are here to help you bring the feeling of PURE Spa into your home. 


Step One: Set the Atmosphere 

Setting the tone of your at home spa and creating the same atmosphere you’d experience at the spa allows your mind to switch off. This is an integral part of an at home spa routine, as it’s the time to unwind from a stressful day.  

How to set the mood: 

Scents & Candles 

Scents are closely linked to memories in our brains, so it’s important to choose the scent that reminds you most of your time at the spa. Whether that’s diffusing some eucalyptus, lighting your favorite scented candles from Eden's Theory, or using PURE’s massage oils during your treatments. So Dim those lights and let the flickering lights of candles fill in the atmosphere! 

Having a spa playlist: 

Whether it’s from Spotify or Apple Music, there are a multitude of relaxing spa playlists out there. Our favorites include ones that have less singing, and more musical tones. If you’d rather, you’re always able to find a great mediation podcast to have on while you go through your at home spa routine. 

Get cosy:  

Grab your favourite blanket. The one you were gifted last winter by the person who just gets you. The one that reminds you of PURE’s cosy purple blankets you’re used to being covered with in the spa. For extra coziness, add a heated blanket, or hot water bottle. Our spa beds are heated, so this will remind your body of the spa experience. 


Step Two: Create your Zones 

Just like a regular spa, your at-home-spa should have specific areas for specific relaxation techniques. This doesn’t mean that you’ll need to install a sauna inside your home (and if you do, please invite us over!), it just means giving intentions for each of your rooms. 

The Bathroom: 

Think of the Bathroom as the perfect place all things skincare. Giving yourself an at home facial near a sink is always easier! And looking in the mirror means you don’t make a mess with any of the products. The purpose is to de-stress, not to clean up a mess. A home spa day might be as simple as putting on a sheet mask such as the IMAGE Hydrating Hydrogel Sheet Mask or purchasing a muscle-soothing soak to relieve tension from sitting at your makeshift desk all day. For a soft, anti-aging mask to use at home, we recommend the ESPA Tri-Active Regenerating Phyto Collagen Plumping Mask.

We also recommend to do a Dry Brushing session using the ESPA Skin Stimulating Body Brush as dry brushing improves collagen formation and increases blood flow, which helps boost your skin. It also significantly enhances flexibility, making it ideal for lifting and toning. For your face, we suggest using a Face roller tool. The convenience of using a face roller provides reduced puffiness, inflammation & cools and soothes skin. We recommend using the ESPA Aventurine Jade Crystal Roller as it has a Dual-ended design for use on face as well as upper body as well as creates a beautifully soothing sensation. 

A Gua Sha is an alternative natural therapy that involves exfoliating your skin with a massage implement to enhance circulation. This traditional Chinese healing technique may provide a novel approach to improving health by treating concerns such as joint pain. One such product that is highly reviewed is the ESPA Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool as its made using Rose Quartz which helps in the cooling and comfort of the skin.

And if you have a bathtub? All the better! Apply your skincare before getting in the tub. And when you’re ready to get out, rinse off. 

The Lounge: 

The perfect area for beauty. Make your couch your area for mani/pedis, or if you want to be extra careful, set yourself up at a desk.

Besides grabbing the best colour for your skin tone, we recommend using products to enhance your at home manicure or pedicure. A cuticle oil, nail file, or even Elemis' Pro-Radiance Hand and Nail Cream.

The Bedroom becomes the Relaxation Room: 

After every great spa treatment, we recommend recovering in the relaxation room. It’s important to give your body time after a massage to relax instead of jumping up and running to a workout class. Your relaxation room is the best place to pro-long your experience. Curl up in your cosiest blanket, drink a glass of tea, and listen to your favourite spa tunes.  


Step Three: Your Everyday Wellness Journey

Continuing the experience: 

Your wellness doesn’t end when your spa treatments have finished. Whether it’s the confidence you gain from pampering yourself, or the lower stress levels, the journey of wellness carries on to your everyday life. 

We recommend taking more moments for yourself when you can. Whether that’s treating yourself to an in-person spa day, or simply lighting a candle, it’s important to listen to your needs. 

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