The Benefits of Music on your Wellness

by Majelle Legros

It is an intuitive and scientifically proven fact that music can reduce stress, pain and blood pressure and increase mood and sleep quality. 

Music can be a great wellness booster and make a perfect spa day, wellness or skincare routine! We are convinced that music, wellbeing and positive emotion go hand in hand to create a relaxing atmosphere in our life.

music wellness benefits

Music’s Benefits on the Mind and Brain 

Listening to music is scientifically proven to have many positive effects on our brain. 

Similar to the effects of a massage, research shows that blood flows more easily when we listen to music. 

Studies show that listening to music lights up many areas of the brain. This can prime the brain for future learning, while broadly promoting our individual and social wellbeing. Listening to music can therefore amazingly make us more open to new information, be it at work or within our free time. 

Secondly, music also increases the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine, which is linked to increase the positive feeling of pleasure and motivation. However, this is not the only chemical that can be boosted. Listening to music also increases our oxytocin, which creates positive and happy feelings in the brain. It is often also called the love hormone, which we otherwise feel through cuddling a dog or receiving a massage or kind words from a friend and loved one! 

Lastly, a link between music and the autonomous nervous system is suspected to be a reason for this calming effect of certain songs, with many studies also suggesting positive effect on sleep quality and help with insomnia. ESPA’s Restful Collection or the ESPA Optimal Skin Overnight Booster further help with any sleep issues and can be made into a relaxing application routine with the instrumental song choices below!

music benefits spa treatments

Spa Music suggestions for the ultimate relaxing wellness routine 

After reading these benefits of listening to music it comes naturally to ask how to incorporate music into a regular wellness routine! Music tastes can differ but PURE has gathered some of our spa favourites below, to be played across our spa UK wide, and for you to get a start your relaxing at home spa routine.  

The Promise – Michael Nyman  

British-born composer Michael Nyman entrances us with his minimal, repetitive piano composition. His pieces have been the soundtrack to major movies and their simple structure encourages a meditative state of the brain.  

We could see ourselves fully relax into a PURE Deep Tissue Massage with this tune or while testing the beautiful PURE Spa Skincare’s Unwind Massage Oil.

State of Calm – Spheres  

Spheres’ slow piano notes and background strings build up a calming atmosphere to truly be one with your body, for example during a PURE Hot Stone Massage.

Nuvole Bianche – Ludovico Einaudi  

Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi creates minimal and modern pieces, crafted to evoke emotion and atmosphere. Nuvole Bianche is one of his most well-known pieces and is the perfect song to introspect and be mindful during an Indian Head Massage to stimulate all those feel-good neurotransmitters mentioned above. 

River Flows in You - Joeren van Veeren  

Dutch composer Joeren van Veeren has reinterpreted Yiruma’s classic version of this piece. Its melodic instruments perfectly aids relaxation and stress release.  

It is perfect to fully fall back and enjoy a Swedish Massage  or PURE Spa Skincare’s Revive Massage Oil!

dj lu in house spa

Music to relax at PURE Spa & Beauty 

To really work with both harmonising your body and mind, PURE now has its own DJ, Dj Lu. This helps us to make sure your time with us relieves your of stress, high blood pressure and overall health concerns. Combining both a mindful and physical aspect of relaxation truly encompasses PURE's core value of holistic well-being. 

About DJ Lu 

DJLu began her musical journey at the age of 4, playing the piano and violin. Janine’s musical talent awarded her a place at the prestigious Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester.She DJs at boutique gyms, luxury hotels and recently at the Scottish Fitness Championships. During the day she sits on various boards including the Benedetti Foundation and St Mary’s Music School.Janine is a Scottish Masters champion in Olympic lifting and really feels the benefits from the PURE Deep Tissue MassageDJ Lu has specifically created a playlist to enhance relaxation which is played throughout treatments, out of which we have picked the songs mentioned above.

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More Music suggestions 

If you are looking for some further music suggestions, Janine has created the perfect playlists to unwind, feel gratitude and calm with her PURE Blast from the Past and PURE’s Christmas Playlist, you can hear them playing in our spas!

Keep an eye out for her music recommendations in our newsletter in our new segment "What's PURE Listening To".You will be able to hear her personal music selection at our PURE locations!

Book your next massage at PURE Spa & Beauty here to fully experience our scientifically proven relaxation music playlists along with your massage or facial!



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