Reasons why you need heated eye masks

by Majelle Legros

What are the benefits of Self-heating eye masks?

When it comes to getting the best night sleep, we recommend adding self heating eye masks to your sleep routine! To take full advantage of the relaxing benefits of self-heating eye masks, take a deep look at these different ways to improve your sleep quality!

Why you should improve your sleep quality

Sleep issues are a common struggle of the modern world and relaxation and tranquility can be hard to come by! Two thirds (67%) of the UK adult population suffer from disrupted sleep and 31 percent of UK adults self-identify with having insomnia. This while we typically spend approximately a third of our lives sleeping and sleep is essential for our wellbeing and cognitive functions! During sleep we can process information, consolidate memories and help maintaining brain functions necessary and helpful in our day to day life. Unfortunately, when our sleep quality is poor this can lead to a number of health problems such as fatigue, sleepiness, poor concentration and a weaker immune system.

It’s clear that improving our sleep routine is important. Neuroscience and medicine have shown that there are a number of physiological and psychological processes going on that enable us to be sleeping. So, how do we improve these processes and therefore improve our sleep?

As to most problems, there are many answers to this question!

Sensory Retreat masks

How can we improve our sleep habits during the day?

Sleep hygiene is vital for our sleep and starts long before we go to bed. We can reduce our caffeine, nicotine and alcohol consumption to improve sleep quality, and exercise sufficiently. It can help to not have big meals right before bed, however going to sleep hungry might also disrupt sleep, which means a small snack can be helpful for improved sleep quality.

Meditation and reducing stress (like a spa day!) can also greatly improve sleep and keep the nervous system more used to a calm state. Cognitive behaviour therapy is one of the most effective treatments for chronic insomnia and can help with relaxation training and sleep hygiene regiments.

Sensory Retreat masks sleeping benefits

The benefits of massage treatments on your sleep

Research has shown that a massage may improve blood circulation, relax muscles, reduce pain and anxiety and improve sleep quality by increasing comfort – this improvement of sleep quality can even be seen from as little as 10 minutes of receiving a massage.

PURE’s 15- minute Express massage is the perfect low cost option to keep up with improving your sleep on a regular basis. Our personal favourites are the 60-minute Deep Tissue Massage and Hot Stone Massage. Or, for mother’s to be, a Pregnancy Wrap is equally relaxing and can relieve sleep problems during pregnancy.

To make massages even more accessible for you at home, you can incorporate the use of PURE’s Unwind Oil into your bedtime routine or even out Theragun Mini Massage gun

What are small ways to improve our sleep?

While lifestyle is essential for promoting good sleep quality, there are ways we can promote good sleep by improving our sleep environment and by being kind to ourselves at night. This means, calming our senses in multiple ways, for example by using the many benefits of Self-Heating Eye Masks. Each eye mask contains blackout properties and can be worn all night and reused again with the heat.

What are the benefits of Self-heating eye masks?

Dreamy eyes Sensory Retreat masks

The benefits of Darkness when you sleep

While you might have heard the suggestions above, PURE has got another innovative and research backed tip! For one, it is a good idea to sleep in a dark environment. In a bright environment, our brain produces more serotonin, a neurotransmitter that keeps us active and awake – perfect for the daytime but not great for our sleep.

Masks like the vegan and natural Sensory Retreats Self-Heating Eye masks combine the benefits of warmth with the benefits of blocking out light on sleep and can be worn throughout the night. Darkness optimises our sleep because our brain stimulates melatonin production during sleep when there is no excess light which is vital for our sleep quality. You can use heated eye masks once or twice a day! We recommend it after a long day of looking at screens to block out any blue light before sleep. This is especially helpful because these masks contain blackout properties and can be worn all night as a blackout mask.

The benefits of scent on your sleep!

The Sensory Retreats Rose-scented Amour Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask use aromatherapy properties to relax your brain and senses. The Dreamy Eyes and Divine Eyes Masks are helpful with sleep because they are infused with lavender and jasmine smells, which are known to calm the mind.  

This can be combined by lighting up a Soothing Candle made of Soy Wax from our ESPA Soothing Collection and indulging in the scents of mellow Myrrh, Rose Geranium and warm Frankincense which are known to be calming and together form the perfect sleep environment.

The benefits of warmth on your sleep!

The heat of an eye mask such as the Chamomile Scented Aurora Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask has many benefits outside of promoting sleep. It can relieve stuffed sinuses and also provide relief from dry and irritated eyes. They can therefore help with Meibomian glad disease, a common cause for dry eyes, by stimulating the oil glands that produce tears.

The heat of the mask is more beneficial than cold because it prevents tears from evaporating right away, improves blood circulation, thins gland oils to improve drainage and aids the relaxation of the eyes. It also helps the facial muscles to relax which can be beneficial for headaches and migraines. All this leads to increased comfort and sleep, as well as relief from dry and itchy eyes.

Combined with air-activated double Ecosteam technology, each Aurora mask delivers a soothing sensory sensation perfect for anyone having trouble sleeping or to enjoy a pampering experience and are safe to wear overnight. They will gently heat up when unfolded and placed over your eyes. Amour Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks can be used at home, away or even when travelling - tension magically melts away as tired and strained eyes are soothed.

Combine this with a warm bath with Himalayan Bath salts, with its many benefits, for ultimate relaxation.

pure spa himalayan bath salts

How to use the Sensory Retreat masks:

Open the packet and unfold your soft eye mask, place it over your eyes and relax as the mask starts to gently heat up. Switch off your mind and allow the Eye Mask to transport you to a place of deep tranquillity.

The added bonus of sound on your sleep!

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