Gifts Under £25

by Majelle Legros

The most exciting gifts are those that come in little packages. Here are the gifts under £25.

PURE Refresh Revive Face Spritz

Travel over the holidays is unavoidable! Your family makes their way home from all over the globe to celebrate Christmas together. But we all know that travel can be harsh on your skin, leaving it dry and dull after a long train ride home. Our PURE Refresh & Revive Face Spritz is the perfect gift for the frequent traveller. The non-drying alcohol-free natural plant formula soothes and hydrates with Lavender and Aloe Vera, leaving it feeling cool and fresh.
The face spritz is perfect for long flights, spritz it on your face while you’re up in the clouds to cool and hydrate the skin.

PURE Revive Massage Oil

It’s the season for massages (well we hope that’s every season, but we’re bias), and the PURE Revive Massage Oil is the best way to take our signature massages home with you.
Take it up a notch: leave a note on the massage oil promising to give your loved one an hour massage. Redeemable at any time.

Express Massage

But what if you’re not the best at giving massages? Well, we can help. Our express massage is a 15 minute, quick-fix back, neck and shoulder massage for instant tension release. It can easily fit into anyone’s busy holiday schedule!

PURE Deluxe Facial - 40 min Treatment
Valid 24 mths
£75 Gift Card
Gel Manicure - 40 min Treatment - Pure Spa & Beauty
PURE Gel Manicure - 40 min Treatment
from £45.00
PURE Gel Pedicure - 40 min Treatment
from £45.00
PURE Essential Gel Pedicure - 60 min Treatment
from £60.00