Deep Tissue Massage at PURE - Everything you need to know!

by Mohammad Fahad

What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage is a therapy for your body which aids to relive pressure on your muscles to target your musculoskeletal system. This pressure is applied to the deepest levels of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia (the layer covering muscles, bones and joints).

Deep tissue massages are usually recommended for people who engage in strenuous physical activities. As a result, a Registered Massage Therapist commonly meets clients who are suffering from strains, lower back pain, or sports-related injuries.

Deep tissue massage is recommended bi-weekly for people who regularly engage in strenuous physical activity such as running, swimming, and jogging in order to reduce muscular tension and knots. Sessions can last anywhere from 75 to more than 90 minutes.

Why is Deep Tissue Massage important?

A proper deep tissue massage can used to heal adhesions and chronic tensions. An Adhesion is a band of scar tissue that joins two internal body surfaces that are not usually connected. Organs or tissues within the body stick (adhere) to other internal surfaces. Adhesions and chronic tension can result from a variety of factors, including stress, sleeplessness, poor posture, and a lack of post-workout stretching. In addition to impairing circulation, adhesions can also result in discomfort, irritation, and restricted motion. If you wish to exercise with heavy impact, you must remove these adhesions before starting up again.

At PURE Spa, our skilled therapists can feel these adhesions within the muscles and change their pressure to break them up. In order to ensure that clients are comfortable with the pressure used, PURE Spa therapists constantly work with them to progressively raise the pressure required.


Advantages of Deep Tissue Massage:

  • To Reduce Stress: The purpose of massage therapy was originally to reduce stress. In addition to other things, stress can lead to problems like agitation, pain, and insomnia. It has been discovered that our bodies release the hormone cortisol when we experience stress.
  • Detoxification: Toxins are released from scar tissue and knots with each increase in pressure, then fresh blood is directed to that site. The flow of fresh oxygenated blood removes toxins from your body. In addition, deep tissue massage helps to remove lactate buildup, the main cause of muscle fatigue and pain. Lactate clearance is one of the main reasons deep tissue massages is popular among athletes who tend to be overworked.
  • Improved Posture and Weight Loss: Deep tissue massage has been recommended for overweight people who are looking for an effective way to lose weight. This massage stimulates your muscles, similar to exercise. After a short period of pain (up to 12 hours), you will enjoy more effective, longer and less painful workouts. One of the main underlying reasons people come into our various spa locations with chronic back pain is due to having a bad posture. Deep tissue massage is an important tool to improve posture in a natural and organic way!


Where is the best place to get a deep tissue massage?

With over 20 locations and growing across the United Kingdom along with our highly trained therapists across all locations PURE Spa offers one of the best Deep tissue massages. Our massage therapists always strive to provide the greatest treatment for our clients!

Our goal at PURE is to create a treatment plan that will get you back to doing the things you loved pain-free and as quickly as possible! Some of our most popular treatments include the PURE Deep Tissue Massage which include access to our spa facilities at various locations*

PURE Deep Tissue Massage - 90 min Treatment

PURE Deep Tissue Massage - 90 min Treatment

PURE Deep Tissue Massage - 90 min Treatment

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PURE Deep Tissue Massage - 90 min Treatment
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