A Professional Athlete's Favourite Spa Treatments

by Majelle Legros

A Professional Athlete's Favourite Spa Treatments 

We asked PURE Spa's brand ambassador and professional golfer, Gabrielle Macdonald what her favourite spa treatments are! As a professional athlete, your muscles are tested! Whether it's sore muscles from training, playing, or traveling for tournaments, there's a wide variety of spa and beauty treatments professional athletes lean towards to help them out in their journey.

Gabrielle Macdonald professional golfer pure spa ambassador

As a professional golfer, I am lucky to live an active lifestyle and by playing on the Ladies European Tour I travel a lot. Last year I was in 17 different countries playing in 25 events so for the majority of the year I was on the road. This means that when I am home it's important for me to rest and recover and PURE Spa is a great place for me to do that. My favourite spa treatments are: 

Deep Tissue Massage

I usually go for a 60 minute full body massage every time I'm home. I tend to get a lot of knots and tightness in my shoulders (especially after travelling) and the deep tissue massage is the best for targeting this.

Find your muscles feel tight, achy and you're experiencing a lot of muscle pain?You're able to try out the muscle aiding Deep Tissue Massage to alleviate pain.

deep tissue massage pure spa uk

Indian Head Massage

If like me you carry tension in your shoulders or neck then this massage is perfect for you. It's also very relaxing!

Indian Head Massages are an ancient technique that is proven to balance the mind and the body. This massage aims to release tension in the joints and muscles of the face, shoulders, neck and scalp, so if you're experiencing tension here, this is for you!

indian head massage pure spa uk

Swedish Massage

Sometimes I will go for a Swedish massage instead which is more relaxing (than a deep tissue massage) and is still a great way to help relieve any tension or muscle soreness I have from training in the gym.

The most tradition form of massage, the Swedish Massage is a great way of relaxing your muscles without the pain of a Deep Tissue Massage! If you're an athlete, this more gentle massage has a less of a recovery time.

swedish massage pure spa uk

Eyelash/Eyebrow tint

This is my go to beauty treatment at Pure Spa. I don't like to wear make-up on a daily basis as it's not practical when I'm in the gym and golfing everyday so I love to get my eyelashes and brows tinted. It's so convenient that you can get both spa and beauty treatments done under the same roof, great if you are short on time!

Find you also don't have the time to do your make up everyday? Eyelash tints and eyebrow tinting is perfectly low maintenance. Our Eyelash tint, and we have several eyebrow packages that include tinting, waxing and eyebrow lamination.


eyebrow tinting and eyelash tinting at pure spa uk


I usually spend over 5 hours on the golf course and as you can imagine my feet often ache afterwards! A foot massage or reflexology really feels great and the trigger points on your feet can help you to relax and feel rejuvenated! 

Reflexology is a unique treatment that seems to be hard to find in the UK, so if you're looking for a UK Spa that specialises in Reflexology, PURE has you.


pure spa uk spa facilities

Which one of our pro golfer Gabrielle Macdonald's favourite treatments stand out to you the most? If you're a professional athlete, or simply someone who has a passion for fitness, PURE Spa & Beauty is located in several David Lloyd Clubs and Nuffields across the UK.

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