Health Screening Day - 25th April

Health Screening Day - 25th April

Health Screening Day - 25th April

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Join us for Health Screening Day on April 25th at PURE Spa & Beauty, Harbour Club Chelsea. Partnering with Paragon, this one-day event provides valuable insight into your health.

Why opt for our Health Screening test?

  • Early detection and prevention of health issues
  • We can put your mind at ease 
  • Allows you to take proactive steps towards optimal health
  • Individually tailored based on your unique profile
  • Paragon is a renowned leader in this field, utilising advanced technology and backed by years of expertise

The Health Screening process is simple:

  • Complete a Pre-Screening Questionnaire ahead of the event
  • On the day, Paragon Health’s dedicated nursing team conducts essential tests and comprehensive blood work
  • One week later, you'll have a one-on-one follow-up consultation with an experienced physician, who will guide you through your results and make recommendations
  • You'll receive a comprehensive Health Report, and we'll ensure your results are shared with your GP and securely stored for future comparison, ensuring your continued wellbeing

Paragon Health also offers coordination with your health insurance company for additional support, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Interested in an early cancer detection test? This is available as an add-on when you purchase a health screening test. Add it to your purchase here.

Please note: your follow-up appointment will be at the same time as your screening, just 7 days later (2nd May), so please plan accordingly. If you opt for the add-on test, it is carried out at your follow-up consultation with the physician on 2nd May.

If you have any questions you can e-mail or call our reception team on 0207 371 7744.

Want to hear about future Health Screening?

PURE Spa & Beauty and Paragon are working towards a permanent partnership where we can do regular Health Screening tests for our clients.

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Paragon Health Testimonials

Amazing service from start to finish. Everything was taken care of. The doctor took real care to explain the results to me at the end and formulate a management plan. Would highly recommend it.


The tests showed issues with my heart so I was channeled into the 'cardiac screen program'. Thank goodness the doctors picked it up as I has 90%+ blockage of the arteries in my heart and could have had a heart attack at any time. Prompt referral and treatment means I'm absolutely fine. Prevention really is the key and there is no one else I would recommend but Paragon.


I went to Paragon for a cancer check because of my family history. So relieved I did. The only way to describe it is that everything just runs perfectly. Thank you!