ESPA Tri-Active™ Lift & Firm Mask (55ml)

ESPA Tri-Active™ Lift & Firm Mask (55ml)

ESPA Tri-Active™ Lift & Firm Mask (55ml)

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An intensely nourishing hydrator, our Tri-Active Lift &Firm Moisturiser boasts nutrient-rich Marine and Plant Actives for soft, supple, and plumped looking skin.

This comforting formula hydrates and nourishes dull, sallow complexions. A rich whipped cream that brings you smooth petal-soft skin boosted with brightness.

Our Unique Tri-Active™ Formulation: Plant Actives, Marine Actives, and Aromatherapy

Each product in our Tri-Active™ collection contains a blend of three key components – creating a synergistic mélange of potent naturals that bring you nourished skin and inner calm

  • Plant Actives are carefully distilled to bring vibrant potency into our formulas
  • Marine Actives provide maximum hydration, fortified by the sea's rich nutrients
  • Aromatherapy renews our senses for an elevated skincare experience

Key Ingredients: 

  • Anise Fruit - Helps to tone and firm the skin
  • Sea Larch - Helps create a protective, firming, hydrating barrier on skin.
  • Sea Amber - Aglae with protective coping mechanisms which translate to beneficial actives for the skin
  • Wild Olive Cellular Oil - Helps to optimise the energy of skin cells to increase the production of collagen
  • Organic Oat Sugars - Smooth skin and deliver a feeling of suppleness, comfort and instant softness
  • Petitgrain, Bergamot, and Lavender – Essential Oil blend for powerful aromatherapy and inner calm

Key Benefits:

  • Helps skin feel instantly firmer and softer
  • Helps skin feel instantly hydrated and nourished
  • Skin appears instantly more radiant and less dull
  • Skin appears plumped with moisture
  • Skin feels more supple and intensely nourished