Aurora Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask - Chamomile Scented (1 mask)

Aurora Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask - Chamomile Scented (1 mask)

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Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day ahead with our soothing Aurora Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks. Ideal for those that suffer from headaches, eye strain and want something very lightly fragranced, our Aurora Eyes are the perfect pampering treat.

Open the packet and unfold your soft eye mask, place it over your eyes and relax as the mask starts to gently heat up. Switch off your mind and allow the Aurora Eye Mask to transport you to a place of deep tranquillity and gratitude

Combined with air-activated double Ecosteam technology, each Aurora mask delivers a soothing sensory sensation perfect for anyone having trouble sleeping or to enjoy a pampering experience and are safe to wear overnight.

Aurora Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks Are Especially Good For...

  • Young minds and teenagers
  • Sleepovers and pamper parties
  • Relaxing and switching off any time of day
  • Those that suffer from headaches and want something lightly fragranced

Plus, our masks contain blackout properties and can be worn all night as a blackout mask.

Please note: This pretty mask has been designed for those that like fragrance-free products. The barely-there scent is ideal for a refreshing, moment of relaxation that doesn't contain a strong scent.

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