PURE's Mother's Day Gift Guide

by Majelle Legros

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Looking for Mother's Day Gifts in the spa? We've thought of every spa gifting from spa gifts for new mothers, spa gifts for treating mum to an experience, mother's day spa breaks, and give in case you're stumped, spa gifts where she can pick her treatment.

The importance of Mother's Day

As a female-led company, PURE appreciates the importance of celebrating mothers, and women around the world taking on the roles of raising children and being there for us whenever we need for Mother’s day! Spa days, spa breaks and wellness treatments are the perfect gift idea to show our mums that we appreciate all the hard work put into raising us.

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How mothers impact the world

PURE is certain, it is important to celebrate the important women in our lives, especially mothers but also other maternal figures like aunts, sisters and mentors. From Marie Curie to Michele Obama or lesser known women such as Kathy Headleem, the founder of Mothers Without Border, mothers have shaped the world through their achievements in childcare, science, humanitarian work, business and much more. And for this, they deserve a day of rest and appreciation, and what better way than to invite them to relax and recharge!

The perfect gifts for Mother’s Day

For the mum who needs a break

Every mum deserves a few hours of relaxation and we suggest you spoil your mum with our spoil mum spa offer, which includes a 90 minute Face and Body Sensation treatment. Or, help her to feel refreshed and glowing with an ESPA Inner Beauty 60-minute facial, a relaxing massage or a hot stone massage. For a weekly ritual to help her take time to herself and relax, we recommend PURE’s Himalayan Bath Salts – to make her taking time for herself a routine.

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A weekend Spa Break for mum

Overnight Spa Breaks for two are the perfect way for you and your mum to relax and for the both of you to make new memories. It gets them far away from planning the household and taking care of anyone around, which will lead to reduced stress levels. Our Brighton and Moness Resort Overnight Spa Breaks are perfect for a whole day of relaxation and wellness. Gifting a spa break is thoughtful and Team PURE will make sure that the experience is as relaxing as possible.

What we recommend? Our Hilton Glasgow spa offers different spa breaks to gift to your mum, depending on what you think suits her best. After all you know her best! The Hilton Glasgow’s Tranquility Spa package helps her relax with a 40-minute luxury spa treatment, a full breakfast and an overnight stay with facility use. Our Day Dream Spa Package lets you both enjoy all of this and ads a sparkling afternoon tea to your stay. Or, treat her to an Indulgent Spa Day including a 40-minute spa treatment per person, use of facilities, an overnight stay for two, a Whisky flight, a full breakfast and a cheese tasting.


Spa gifts for mum-to-be

Spa treatments can help pregnant women relax and lower their heart rate and increase circulation. Which is good both for her and her baby. However, it is important that pregnant women receive appropriate treatments to ensure her and her child’s wellbeing. For example, heat treatments or use of Jacuzzis can raise temperatures above the recommended levels and are not recommended.

This is why PURE offers specific tailored treatments for pregnant women, to make sure they can relax without a worry in mind and with her and her child’s health ensured. PURE’s Spoil New Mum Spa offer lets you gift her a 90-minute targeted pregnancy massage, which can improve relaxation and sleep and boost immunity for mother and baby. This can help with mental and physical stress, while using special techniques for a neck, shoulder and back massage that are safe to use during pregnancy.

A 60-minute Pregnancy Wrap or 120-minute Mum to Be Gift Experience can both further improve skin hydration and skin texture and are perfect gifts for her to unwind and de-stress, which may studies show is essential for the child’s wellbeing.

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For mum to feel beautiful

Many mums spend so much time on taking care of the people around them that it can be hard for them to connect to themselves and take time to feel beautiful. PURE’s Spoil mum beauty offer lets you two have time to catch up while getting a 40 minute gel manicure or pedicure. Depending on her beauty preference, a Lets go lashes treatment or PURE’s Hydrate & Renew Face Oil can have her feel youthful and refreshed. 

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For the mum that likes to make her own choices

For the unsure gift givers, our gift of time gift cards of 40, 60 and 90-minutes are the perfect choice to make mum feel appreciated and give her the gift of choosing whichever treatment she would like the most!

gift of time gift card

PURE Hydrate & Renew Face Oil (30ml)
PURE Skincare
PURE Regenerate & Boost Eye Serum (15ml)
PURE Skincare
PURE Organic Coconut Oil (250g)
PURE Skincare
PURE Clean and Glow Cleansing Oil (100ml)
PURE Skincare
PURE Refresh & Revive Face Spritz (100ml)
PURE Skincare