Celebrating Scotland Loves Local Week

by Majelle Legros

Supporting Our Community and Embracing Scottish Entrepreneurship

Scotland Loves Local Week runs from August 28th – September 3rd and the team here at PURE Spa & Beauty couldn't be more excited to embrace this fantastic initiative. After all, Scotland is where we opened our first premises on Lothian Road twenty one years ago in Edinburgh’s bustling financial district.

All week (and beyond) we’ll join communities across Scotland to highlight the importance of shopping local, and today, we start by sharing why it’s so important to shop local.

Scotland Loves Local PURE Spa UK

Reducing Closures:

Closures have had a significant impact on the local economy with job losses and declining revenue. Not only that, but retail units closing on local high streets can turn once thriving areas into ghost towns. By rallying together during Scotland Loves Local Week, we can help these businesses get back on their feet, to not only survive, but thrive.

Green Communities:

Shopping locally can also help the consumer minimise their carbon footprint. By supporting businesses closer to home, whether that’s your local butcher or farmers’ market, we can cut down on transportation emissions and encourage local sourcing and production, leading to a more sustainable and eco-friendly community.

Unique and Personalised Experiences:

Local producers, designers and even artists offer distinctive products and services that add character to communities. Unlike bigger chain stores, these businesses often have a much more personal touch, providing personalised customer service and a sense of connection that larger corporations just can't match.

Exceptional Product Quality:

Local businesses often prioritise quality over quantity. They take pride in their products and services, delivering exceptional craftsmanship, unique flavours and distinct designs that cannot be replicated by larger brands. When you shop local, you can experience the difference firsthand.

Here at PURE Spa and Beauty, we’ve been building partnerships with local brands, and developing some truly exceptional experiences, like our Spa and Dine Package with Glasgow-based eatery, Cul Cul, and our Wine and Spa partnership with The Granary in Edinburgh’s Leith Shore. We’ve also launched Spa and Afternoon Tea Packages with Black Sheep Café in St Annes & Patisserie Valerie in Edinburgh and Silverburn, Glasgow. By joining forces with other local brands we can bring more valuable experiences to our customer base.

Scotland Loves Local Week is an important occasion to recognise the value of shopping local. By supporting the businesses in our community, we contribute to its growth, sustainability and uniqueness.

Let's embrace this opportunity to celebrate our local businesses, explore their offerings, and enjoy the exceptional experiences they provide. Together, we can create a thriving community that benefits all of us. So mark your calendars and get ready to show your love for local businesses from August 28th to September 1st!

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